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Now Available!

The Pullman Strike 130th Anniversary Edition
by Rev. William H. Carwardine
New introduction by Peter Cole


During the heroic Pullman strike and boycott of 1894, a young Methodist minister defied the conventions of company-town self-censorship by writing this searing expose of the dictatorial and penny-pinching regime of multimillionaire George M. Pullman. That Rev. William H. Carwardine suffered immediate exile from his Pullman church suggests how deeply threatened the giant railroad manufacturing and operating company was by his plainly written book.

On the 130th anniversary of the Pullman Strike, Carwardine's volume—here reissued by its original publisher—remains a classic of labor journalism, industrial history, and strike-support activism. This special anniversary edition includes a new introduction by Peter Cole, as well as the extensive and long out of print 1973 introduction and bibliography by Virgil J. Vogel.

Purchase at the exhibit: Historic Pullman Foundation Exhibit Hall
Purchase Online: Charles H. Kerr Publishing (Online)
Available Soon: Eugene V. Debs Foundation (House Museum Gift Shop and Online)
Available Soon: Pullman National Historical Park (Gift Shop)

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