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manufactured surface applied to existing structure...

media: vinyl siding /exisiting structure

dimensions: various

installations / proposals:

public art installations   (proposals)   →

group show installation   (proposal)   →

flat iron building installation   (proposal)   →

chicago artist month installation   (Ravenswood Art Walk)   →

gallery wall installation   (Harper Art Exhibition Center)   →

commercial gallery VINYL show installation   (Ai gallery, chicago)   →

art expo installation   (ART Chicago / Bridge '07 / NFO EXPO '07, chicago)   →

limited edition print   →

press / reviews / articles:

"Vinyl siding is in the gallery, but is it art?"   (review)   →

Time Out Chicago - "approach"   (review)   →

Research & Development   (press release)   →

I am in the process of visiting various venues / locations for site specific installation proposals. Please contact me if you have a venue or would like to propose a venue for VINYL now through 2007.     contact   →     process   →