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Help each other project

The project extends a simple affirmation into the world: "Help each other". It promotes only the message with no other agenda or affiliation. It is hopeful, and it is needed.

The project manifests in two parts. First, as a daily installation of one “Help each other” sign in a found location by the artist. Sometimes contemplative, sometimes confrontative, but almost always unexpected. Well over 100 to date have been installed in this daily practice by the artist. Remarkably, most are still in place. Some are even cared for by strangers.

The second part of the project are the "Please take one" installations. These installations are purchased by hosts and are usually set up in the hosts front yard. Passerbys are asked (via one sign) to “Please take one” (of ten) “Help each other” signs, turning the message into a community action throughout the neighborhood.

To date, nearly 800+ signs have been installed in Chicago/surrounding areas and are making their way throughout the United States.

A little more about the project...

A few folks have asked “why” about the Help each other project signs. My stock reply is usually “While I don’t think plastic signs are the answer, I do believe opening peoples hearts is the start”. This is a start.

In March 2020 we were told to “stay home to help”. I did my part (we even turned the mosnart visiting artist residency space into shelter-in-place and healthcare worker lodging) but felt somewhat trapped walking less than a block from the house to the studio and back each day while the world seemed to be falling apart. I decided to get out of the studio and do an art project: “Help each other”.

One of the best days with the project was the day spent replacing political campaign signs with “Help each other” signs... and the next best day, when one of the “Help each other” signs was legitimately placed in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s City Hall office.

At some point in the project, something else wonderful happened... People started asking how they could help/participate. In response, the DIY "Please take one" installation kits were created (based on our "please take one" exisiting distribution hosts) for folks to install in their own front yards to share signs with their community and neighbors. The kit includes ten “Help each other” and one "Please take one" sign. Example: "Please take one" installation

We ask our DIY hosts to cover the cost $40. The price includes shipping anywhere in the continental US. We make absolutely no money on this. It is simply a way for people to help with the project and bring it forward. Please contact if you would like to participate

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